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Poster prizes:

A "Best Poster" (500 EU) and a "Technology Breakthrough" (500 EU) sponsored by MKS-OPHIR will be awarded during the Symposium. A special "Applied Sciences Journal" prize (300 CHF) sponsored by the Editors of Applied Sciences will also be awarded. The award Cerimony will take place before the closing remarks, and will include a short presentation of the awarded posters.


Award Winners:

Special Applied Sciences Editors Award: Michele De Regis, INO Arcetri

Best Poster Award by MKS-OPHIR: Elettra Neri, INO Sesto F.

Technology Breakthrough Award by MKS-OPHIR: Federica Baffigi, INO Pisa


  • A. Amico, G. Del Pace, W. Kwon, F. Scazza, P. Tavares, M. Inguscio, M. Zaccanti, and G. Roati, Emergence of a micro-scale quantum emulsion from a strongly repulsive Fermi gas (abstract)
  • M. Archimi, R. Gutiérrez, C. Simonelli, F. Castellucci, E. Arimondo, D. Ciampini, M. Marcuzzi, I. Lesanovsky, O. Morsch, Absorbing state phase transition in a cold Rydberg gas (abstract)
  • F. Baffigi, G. Bussolino, A. Cini, U. De Ceglie, L. Labate, D. Palla, G. Toci, M. Vannini, L.A. Gizzi, Numerical parametric optimization of an ultra-intense and ultra-short laser beam propagation on air (abstract)
  • F. Baffigi, G. Bussolino, F. Di Martino, L. Labate, D. Palla, S. Righi, P. Tomassini, C.Traino, L.A. Gizzi, Direct measurement of energy spectrum of the electron beam produced by the mobile accelerator Novac7 for IORT and comparison with the simulated spectrum by Monte Carlo method (abstract) TECHNOLOGY BREAKTHROUGH Award Winner.
  • E. Baria, S. Anand, R. Fantechi, S. Morselli, M. Gacci, M. Carini, R. Cicchi, F. S. Pavone, Tumour detection and staging through multimodal fibre-probe spectroscopy (abstract)
  • G. Bianchini, M. Del Guasta, G. Di Natale, L. Palchetti , Dome C Tropospheric Observer (DoCTOr): Synergy of active and passive optical remote sensing techniques for the continuous monitoring of the Antarctic troposphere (abstract)
  • J.E. Bjørnstrøm, A. Burchianti, C. D’Errico, C. Fort, M. Inguscio, F. Minardi, A new quantum gas apparatus for studying multi-species superfluids (abstract)
  • L.S. Costanzo, A.S. Coelho,N. Biagi, J. Fiurek, M. Bellini, and A. Zavatta, Measurement-induced strong Kerr nonlinearity for weak quantum states of light (abstract)
  • G. Del Pace, A. Amico, F. Scazza, W. Kwon, M. Inguscio, M. Zaccant, and G. Roati, Disordered optical potentials for strongly correlated lithium-6 gases (abstract)
  • R. Eramo, P. Cancio Pastor, S. Cavalieri, An analytic random-walk model for the comb coherence (abstract)
  • A. Fregosi, L. Tanzi, E. Lucioni, C. Gabbanini, A. Fioretti, G. Modugno, J. Catani, S. Gozzini, D. Giulietti, and M. Inguscio, A New Set Up for Dysprosium Bose-Einstein Condensation (abstract)
  • A. Giulietti, et al., Laser-driven particle acceleration for radiobiology and radiotherapy: where we are and where we are going (abstract)
  • S. Hernández-Gómez, F. Poggiali, P. Cappellaro, N. Fabbri, Probing classical and quantum environment with a Nitrogen-vacancy center spin (abstract)
  • L. Labate, F. Baffigi, F. Brandi, G. Bussolino, L. Fulgentini, A. Giulietti, P. Koester, G. Mettivier, D. Palla, L. Pandola, D. Panetta, P. Pisciotta, P. Russo, P. Salvadori, P. Tomassini, L.A. Gizzi,, Applications of laser-driven, ultrashort electron bunches in medicine: all-optical X/gamma-ray secondary sources for 4D micro-CT, radiobiology and radiotherapy
  • P. Lombardi, A.P. Ovvyan, S. Pazzagli, G. Mazzamuto, G. Kewes, O. Neitzke, N. Gruhler, O. Benson, W.H.P. Pernice, F.S. Cataliotti, and C. Toninelli, '''Photostable Molecules on Chip: Integrated Single Photon Sources for Quantum Technologies (abstract)
  • A. Longo, G. Carotenuto, S. De Nicola, C. Camerlingo, E. Pugliese, M. Ciofini, M. Locatelli, A. Lapucci, R. Meucci, Intercalation and expansion of novel graphite bisulfate compounds (abstract)
  • R. Mercatelli, S. Caponi, S. Mattana, F. Rossi, R. Pini, D. Fioretto, F.S. Pavone, and R. Cicchi, Morpho-mechanics of human tissues revealed by non-invasive correlative micro-spectroscopies (abstract)
  • E.Neri, A. Trenkwalder, M. Jag, M. Seminara, M. Inguscio, M. Zaccanti, A new Chromium-Lithium experiment (abstract) BEST POSTER Award Winner.
  • D. Palla, F. Baffigi, L. Fulgentini, P. Koester, L. Labate, P. Londrillo, L.A. Gizzi, Self-Injection in a moderately relativistic LWFA regime (abstract)
  • F. Pisani, A. Macchi , Few-cycle surface plasmon polariton generation by rotating wavefront pulses (abstract)
  • F. Poggiali, N. Fabbri, P. Cappellaro, Optimal control of single spins in diamond for quantum sensing (abstract)
  • M. Scardigli, C. Muellenbroich, E. Margoni, S. Cannazzaro, C. Crocini, C. Ferrantini, R. Coppini, P. Yan, L. M. Loew, M. Campione, L. Bocchi, D. Giulietti, E. Cerbai, C. Poggesi, G. Bub, F. S. Pavone, L. Sacconi, Real-time optical manipulation of cardiac conduction in intact hearts (abstract)
  • L. Silvestri, M.C. Müllenbroich, I. Costantini, A.P. Di Giovanna, L. Sacconi, F.S. Pavone, An image-based system for real-time correction of defocus in optical microscopy (abstract)
  • S. Viciani, A. Montori, A. Chiarugi, F. Ravegnani, A. Ulanovsky, S. Bucci, B. Legras, F. Fierli, F. Cairo, F. D’Amato, COLD: a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser spectrometer for in-situ airborne measurement of stratospheric trace gases (abstract)
  • M. De Regis, Luigi Consolino, Saverio Bartalini, Marco Ravaro, Paolo De Natale, Room temperature source of continuous-wave radiation up to 7.5 THz based on telecom technology for high precision spectroscopy (abstract) APPLIED SCIENCES Award Winner.